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Computer Hardware & Software Sales

With the ever growing demand of IT equipment we source and supply most if not all the major brands of hardware and software.

Onsite Computer Valet & Clean Service

When it is not always possible to bring the machine in to our store we also offer to do a computer service onsite.

Virus Removal & Data Recovery

With the importance of data we offer our valued customers a data recovery service along with virus removals.


Onsite & Offsite Computer Repairs & Upgrades

With everything being a rat race in todayís day. We also offer computer repairs and maintenance whether it be at your premises or if the computer is brought to our store. This includes upgrades and repairs.


Computer Printer Ink & Consumable Sales

Tired of searching for toners & ink, leave it to us. We source and supply ink and toner cartridges for all major printer manufacturers.



We source and supply a wide variety for cell phone cables and other accessories that you may need.





Maintenance to your computer is vital, donít be caught off guard, let us maintain your computer hardware on a regular basis.




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